0.03 Joey Welcome to the Ralph Romgens Beatnik Bongo Hour
0.07 Ems So far not much to boast about, Ralph
0.11 Joey There sure is a lot of water......oh
0.20 Ems Love the pants suit
0.24 Joey Someone's been going nut with their Instyler
0.28 Both SPIT TAKE
0.32 Joey What the fuck?
0.36 Ems Noah and The Illuminati - makes sense
0.42 Joey Is that God giving us the brown eye?
0.45 Ems If so, it's a large, throbbing brown eye
0.53 Joey "Brown eye" (as if in wonder/awe)
1.00 Ems Watcha gonna do, cry all over everybody?
1.08 Joey Yeah, about that, um, WHY?
1.14 Ems  Um Ralph, when God starts his sentences with "I....", I don't think this is what he means.
1.30 Joey If you squint you can just make out the LSD in his iris
1.38 Ems  So, ah, Noah, are you going to react to this news? No? You're a hard man to impress, dude. Feel sory for your kids.
1.48 Joey Oh wait, he's reacting to God's word by masturbating
1.54 Ems Joey, you're doing it wrong....
2.01 Joey Oh look, a giant, um.....
2.07 Ems Whatever it is, it's floating Noah's boat
2.13 Joey Ems, did you rewind this?
2.18 Ems I'm a sick bitch, but I would under no circumstances make us sit through this shit any longer than we absolutely have to
2.26 Joey  F A R K
2.29 Ems Whoa, a big, strong (4 second pause)......oh (disappointed intonation)
2.38 Joey My turn to do a little "wood work" now - damn guuuurrrl
2.44 either *fart noise*
2.48 Ems Aw, synchronised tails
2.51 Joey Don't worry, the doberman has a chihuaha up it's butt
2.55 Ems  And Dumbo's on rollerskates
3.00 Joey Emzara, you're about to get real wet
3.07 Ems And of course God is gonna watch
3.16 Joey *sigh* Ralph, come on, lift the animation dude
3.26 Both laugh at crappy lightning bolts
3.30 Ems It's raining toothpicks!
3.36  Joey Dammit global warming
3.44 Ems Pity God didn't give Noah any info re hydrodynamics
3.50 Joey What's powering that thing, cow farts?
3.57 Ems Noah, you just got schooled
4.04 Joey I'm glad I read the book before I saw the movie
4.12 Ems God's about to get bird shit in his eye
4.17 Joey Noah's such a drama queen
4.26 Ems Fly, robo bird!
4.33 Joey Calm the fuck down, Noah
4.49 Ems How fortuitous that the flood receded just in time for the Sydney Mardi Gras
4.58 Joey Yay! Happy endings for everyone
5.02 Ems Ralph, you should be proud of that epic work
5.06 Joey unfortunately Ralph's ancestors weren't among them
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